The very best team! It’s my retreat away from home.
— Catherine P.
This is a small-run business. Dr. Song performs chiropractic care while his wife, Dr. Lee, does the acupuncture treatment. They also have 4 massage therapists on staff. The majority of their clientele is Korean. They are very friendly and attentive. My massage therapist, Monica, was wonderful. Beside great massages, she educated me on various exercises I could do at home or at work. Dr. Song will work with your insurance and finances. I would recommend this place.
— John T.
I have been seeing Dr. Lee for almost two years now and she has improved the quality of my life. I suffer from fibromyalgia with migraine headaches. She has calmed my pain symptoms and my migraine attacks are becoming less frequent. After having my acupuncture treatments, I see Dr. Song for a chiropractic adjustment. Both treatments work together making me feel better. Dr. Song & Dr. Lee are highly respected in their field. They also are caring individuals who want to improve the quality of life for their patients. I highly recommend them.
— Andrea T.
I’ve been going to doctor Song for regular chiropractic care because I suffer from persistent neck pain due to bad posture and regular computer use. Dr. Song is kind, professional and truly an amazing chiropractor. He has improved my overall quality of life and I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of chiropractic services.
— Des R.
I had severe pain in my neck, upper and lower back after I was involved in my very first car accident. I came to Dr. Song and remained consistent in attending his treatments. He readjusted my spine and released the constant, tight tension I felt in my shoulder and back muscles. Now, I can confidently say my neck and shoulders are back to their normal state. Thank you Dr. Song!
— Allen Y.
I highly recommend anyone who needs chiropractic services to visit Dr. Song & Dr. Lee.

Dr. Song is effective because he truly cares about people. After each treatment you are asked if there is anything else they can do and mainly if you have any questions.

Due to my back issues, going to Dr. Song has kept me in the gym and out of constant pain without having to take pain medication. I appreciate that so much time is taken to take care of my needs.

Fullerton Spine & Wellness has the best massage therapist. Monica creates a relaxing atmosphere, has proper technique, physical stamina, sense of empathy, strong client focus and listening skills
I look forward to every visit, treatment or massage. Cannot wait until the next one, leave feeling like a brand new person.

So if you are looking for professional and excellent service and the “BEST” massage therapist give Fullerton Spine & Wellness a call today.

Thank you all so much for your kindest & caring way. Your professionalism, compassion, and caring means a lot. You have gone “above and beyond” which means more to me then you will know.
— Vanessa A.
I had an accident and needed treatment. Since I live in Fullerton, I didn’t want to drive far for treatment.

I called Fullerton Spine and Wellness Center and Dr. Song was able to see me on the same day. The first day was typical with paperwork and x-ray screening. Throughout treatment, Dr. Song answered any questions I had and even provided tips on how to stretch properly. This reduced my headaches significantly! Also, Wonhee Lee (Acupuncturist) was knowledgeable and wonderful too!

I am glad I came to Dr. Song and Wonhee Lee because they are very friendly and try to get to know you as an individual, not just another patient. I never feel rushed when I’m at their office and on occasions, I would have to cancel last minute and they are flexible with reappointment.

Their goal is to have all patients leave with a smile on their face and less pain!
— Steven Q.
I personally suffer from severe allergies and asthma, especially during the spring allergy season, and for the past 10 years I have found myself getting increasingly worse finding myself in the emergency room to alleviate the suffering. In the last 3 years before I started coming here for acupuncture, I have had to introduce the addition of a nebulizer to subdue the intense symptoms of bronchial infections mixed with allergies and asthma as a result of the seasonal pollens. I was using the nebulizer once a day for several months as well as using a traditional asthma inhaler to make life almost bearable for the 3 months of annual suffering from March to May.

18 months later I am here to tell you that last spring season after seeing Dr. Lee for acupuncture (specifically focusing on sinuses) I did not have to use the nebulizer even ONCE!

She continually opened up the nasal passages and allowed for normal sinus drainage which kept infection from occurring, thus minimizing the symptoms and prevented me from developing bronchitis which I had developed almost every spring for 10 years.

Needless to say, I believe she is my God-send and angel here on earth!

I am a patient for life and highly recommend you to see either doctor for ANY of your ailments.

A few times I had some muscle pains in my neck and back and Dr. Song did a chiropractic adjustment on me and I felt much better after the procedure.

Please don’t be afraid of needles! Dr. Lee has a magic touch and I barely feel anything when she administers them with masterful skill and expertise.

Believe me, if it was bad, I wouldn’t keep coming back weekly!

Do yourself a favor and get in here right away!!
You will feel better, period! You’re welcome!!
— Evan K.